Living on Food Storage: The bulging #10 can of Pancake Mix


A bulging can in my long term storage!?  Oh no!  It's the end of the world!  It's poison!  Throw it out quickly! 

I'm joking of course.
It's pancake mix.

So, this opportunity to eat 100% food storage is so awesome because I'm finally able to rotate some of these oldest cans out of storage and get them used up.   There are actually 3 different foods I was waiting to come across over the past couple years that ARE bulging - because I knew they would be.  This pancake mix is/was one of them.  The second was the bacon or turkey spam and the third is a particular biscuit mix.  I know for a fact all were going to have bulging issues.  

I'm going to visit that spam topic a second.  I think it was around 2015 (?) Spam released some turkey and bacon versions but soon after, people reported the cans bulging and the containers going bad.  I had a couple cans in storage so I knew to keep a look out for them and toss them when they arose.  And they did.  And I did.  Regular Spam doesn't seem to have that problem but the fats in these other versions didn't can long term as well. 

As for the other products, it is pancake mixes and biscuits mixes the Utah companies were selling in the beginning that they added the leavening agents to.  They found out the baking powder was activating and not storing well.  They changed their formulas after that, but for the earlier cans, if you still have them in your food storage, they may be bulging.

Dry powders may go off in taste or texture, but they aren't harmful.  However, no one will want to drink the 'old' tasting milk powder, and the yucky tasting old flour no matter what you try to make with it.

Similar to this one from 2013.

I was so excited to buy this at the time because I have a strange love of those tiny little fake blueberry pieces you find in pre-made blueberry muffin and pancake mixes.  But knowing basic 3rd grade science, I also questioned how they could can something long term with oils, milk products and baking powder mixed together. Knowing they would probably bulge, I only bought a couple of the mixes they made (at the time) with baking powder or leavening agents added.

Opening the can, you can see it's perfect.   It's just literally, a pancake mix.  

Here are the ingredients (again, they changed their recipes after the baking powder bulges became a thing). 

My initial dry taste test was that it was fine.  If I thought about it, I could taste the flour, whey and oil had a tiny little 'old' taste, but it's not strong.  It was there though. 

I made up a cup of the mix to do some test pancakes. 

I wasn't expecting them to raise much, considering the baking powder had been activated for some time, but they did.  I was making these quickly as I was in the middle of making our actual dinner when I tested them, but I was happily surprised that they were basically just regular pancakes made from a mix. 

Taste test of the final products were that if I knew to be 'trying' to taste anything off with the age of the whey and oils and flour, I could but it wasn't and isn't pronounced.  
I was testing/eating them plain, but once you add some syrup and butter, there would be no difference between these and the brand new bag of pancake mix in the pantry I bought at Sam's.  

I ended up eating 2 pancakes for dinner. 







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