Food Storage - Homemade Garlic Focaccia


Just a 'side' of bread to go with the chili last night but... it was so good and so easy.  Zero work. 

My 'daily bread' was tossed from the bucket in the fridge into a buttered pan.  I used my fingers to squish it out and into place.

Topped with some home canned butter and lots of garlic, a sprinkle of garlic salt... and then mozzarella cheese. 

I was going to have to go into long term storage to find some freeze dried mozzarella but I got lucky and found I had food vacuum sealed a couple bags of mozzarella and they were in the deep freezer.  Yay!

I popped it into a 375 oven for about 25 minutes and... done!

My 'daily bread' bucket dough from the fridge, finger smooshed into a pan, with canned butter and garlic

Topped with mozzarella and going into the oven

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