Hamburger Helper!?

Mr. Husband is so excited about tonight's dinner...something I don't think we've had in a couple decades.  Yes, I'm serious.  Decades.

He saw me making it on the stove and couldn't believe what he was seeing.  "Cheeseburger Macaroni!?  We have Cheeseburger Macaroni!?"  "Yep, apparently I put some in storage!"

Yesterday I was looking for something in our 2-3 year pantry and came across a food grade bucket that said "Hamburger Helper" on the side.  Oh yeah... I totally forgot about that!

For longer term storage, I had bought boxes of cheeseburger macaroni and opened each of the boxes in order to pour the pasta into a mylar bag, with the cheese/seasoning packet and an oxygen absorber.  I then put them into a bucket.  Tonight I made a husband very happy in a "OMG I'm 20 years old again and eating Hamburger Helper!" way.  

Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers.  My secret to fresh boxed meals.  

Hamburger was from the deep freezer.
Mix from 2-3 year storage.
Milk was from powdered mix, mixed and chilled.

Served with homemade bread of course!!!


















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