Food Storage: Pizza Night (pepperoni, chicken alfredo and jalapeno popper pizzas) and a quick 'shopping' trip to my pantry

Flour, black olives, alfredo sauce and green olives.
Pizza night!

I used my 'daily bread' that I have talked about a hundred times (but mention again because I always have new readers here for the first time that might not know) that is in a bucket in the refrigerator that I pull out to make whatever I need that day - be it bread, rolls, buns, garlic bread, pizza, etc. 

I don't have any fresh/frozen spinach in the freezer any longer so it was time to break into the #10 can in long term storage.  They are... fine.  It's just like using parsley, as it's the same size.   The chicken was a mixture from the freezer of pre-cooked chicken mixed with some of the long term storage reconstituted vegetarian fake chicken I used a couple weeks ago and cooked a bunch of, then food sealed and froze for future meals... like this.  This pizza was the last of the fresh mozzarella from the deep freezer as well. I'll look to see if I have any smaller food sealed bags, but if not, I'll have to go to the long term storage to get freeze dried mozzarella out.

Here is me making a Chicken Alfredo Pizza.

A pepperoni and green olive pizza - still have some pepperoni in the deep freezer, and the sauce is homemade from storage items (posted recipe last week) and have food sealed bags in the deep freezer.  The Parmesan on top is the 'green top canister' you buy at the store - I have one in the fridge and a couple in our 2-3 year storage.
This one is a jalapeno popper pizza - I used mayo with Ranch dressing mix powder sprinkled on for the base.  The last of the mozzarella cheese, real bacon crumbles from the deep freezer (bags you buy at Sam's or Costco or the grocery freeze for use whenever you need them or you could use imitation bacon bits from long term storage).  I topped with some cheddar - grated from a block I had in the deep freezer.  When the cheddar is completely gone I'll switch to the freeze dried in the #10 cans.  Jalapenos are from food storage - the glass jar of mild jalapenos you can buy anywhere and store forever in your fridge.
Mr. Husband is also taking leftovers to work for his lunch/dinner.
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