Embarrassingly Simple?

Tonight my husband was working and the kids were all out with friends when dinner time rolled around. Not in the mood for a 'meal' I grabbed some parmesan and garlic baked pita chips and ate a couple before I decided to make a 'meal' out of them and call it 'good'. It's something I have all the time but it's so simple I can hardly call it a recipe! Putting my embarrassment aside, I'll share it with you.

4 oz. cream cheese, softened
1/2 - 1 t dried herb mix*

Mix. Either spread and scoop with your cracker/chip or place in a bowl and scoop it out.

* Can be a dry Ranch Dressing mix, or an Italian Dressing mix, or a garden veggie soup mix, onion soup mix, dill mix, etc. Almost any dry seasoning mix will do!Print Friendly and PDF