A Great Find for Baking!

Today I made a trek to Costco and ever-mindful of careful spending in that place (they can soooo trick you into spending a gazillion dollars on things you don't need or that aren't any cheaper than the local grocery) they have an awesome buy on flour - twenty five pounds of flour for under five bucks! $4.95. Awesome deal when you go through as much flour as I do!

Now, one of your first thoughts might be (is?) where do I put it!? But really, it's not going to be an issue. You see, I put my flour into two (2) canisters. One is a typical flour cansiter that you probably have on your own counter. Then I have a second larger container that is actually a small RubberMaid plastic bin with a top that I bought at Target a couple years ago and fits perfectly lengthwise and height, into my cupboard. It's easier to dip my measuring cup into this container, and since my (weekly) bread dough and pizza dough recipes take 4 cups of flour each, this is quick and easy to use.Print Friendly and PDF